Maks V vērtēšana provides real estate appraisal services.

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About us

«Maks V vērtēšana» is the property appraiser Association (LIVA) member and provides high-quality real estate valuation services.

We produce a quality independent valuation of real estate in the shortest possible time. The term of execution depends on many factors: the location of the object, its type, specifics, availability of documentation etc.

Due to our extensive experience, our specialists are well acquainted with all the features and possible pitfalls of this process. This allows us to make an assessment of real estate as efficiently as possible.

Turning to us, you will receive detailed advice. We will answer all your questions and provide you with a list of necessary documents.

What are we doing

Maks V vērtēšana provides real estate appraisal services.

The assessment of Maks V provides qualitative assessment of all types of real estate, throughout Latvia. Our clients are both physical and legal persons. The compliance of the quality of the assessments with the requirements of the Valuation Standards is certified by the Certificate of Validity issued by the Latvian Property Appraisers Association. In accordance with the Latvian Valuation Standards (LVS-401: 2013), evaluations are made objectively and optimal terms.

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